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Established in 2002 and re-established in 2021 with over 40 years of combined experience and supported by a qualified and dynamic team. Reliable Property Management is a company offering a full range of professional management services to condominiums and homeowner's community. In addition to providing stellar customer service, transparency and accountability are of our upmost priority.


We take our responsibility of delivering value to our customers very seriously, yet we continue to have a fun spirit in the way we go about our business.For us is about creating a professional, collaborative, community-based organization that truly cares about people.

Reliable Property Management provides a state-of-the-art property management solution designed specifically for Community Associations featuring Owner Access Self Service Portal, Violation Management, Service Requests Management, and Communication Tools.

Owner Access Portal lets homeowners go online to view their current account balances, review past payment history, and check the status of open tickets for maintenance or violations any time, from anywhere.

We provide our Board members easy access to special, restricted information. Board members can review information such as Delinquency, Maintenance, and Compliance for the whole association. Ensuring our board members have access to the data they need to manage their HOA.

Advanced Portal provides self-service access to some of the most common requests for information.

• Pay assessment and other fees online, through TOPS Pay

• Service Request feature for more complicated requests

• Residents keep contact information up to date

• Continuous access to accounting, compliance, and maintenance data

• Access community documents instantly

Advanced secure Portal gives board members a dashboard to stay on top of everything in the community. From bank balances to recent payables to open issues in the association, the Advanced Portal delivers in real-time.

• Real-time data keeps our boards up to date

• Dashboard view allows for high-level snapshot

community information

• Allow boards to view payables, reports, and documents

on demand.


24/7 access Advanced Portal is optimized for mobile use.

• Allowing residents to access their Advanced Portal on any device

• Compatible with Smart Phones, Tablets, Macs, and PCs

• Increased utilization with support for multiple devices

"excellence is our brand"

17680 NW 78 AVE. #103, HIALEAH, FL 33015

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