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A comprehensive screening process that allows you to select a more qualified tenant, that can pay the rent on time and understand how to take care of your property, resulting in less turnover and lower costs.

We tenaciously screen, interview and pre-qualify applicants to guarantee that your prospects and residents will comply with our high selection criteria standards.

This service provides background data on a tenant perspective and becomes an invaluable means to evaluate and identify quality renters and ruling out the defective ones.

Tenant Screening Detailed Reports May Contain Available Information of:

  • Credit reports and financial information (like bankruptcies, foreclosures).

  • Nationwide criminal background records.

  • Sex offender search (in all 50 states).

  • OFAC/Patriot Act Search.

  • National evictions search and records.

  • SSN Validation.

  • Employment history.

  • Past Address History.

"excellence is our brand"

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