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What Is A HOA Board Resolution?

Within the context of a homeowners association, a resolution is a formal statement created by the board relating to the policies and decisions of the board. It contains information on the purpose of the resolution and what action follows as well as where the board’s authority to make that decision comes from. Resolutions validate and support the board’s operations.

There are three types of HOA board resolutions — administrative, policy, and special.

1. Administrative

Administrative resolutions, also known as procedural resolutions, are those that deal with internal processes. These can take the form of proper procedures for board meetings, elections, architectural change applications, and the like. Of course, both the board and the members of the community must strictly and consistently adhere to these procedures.

2. Policy

Policy resolutions are those that influence the rights and obligations of owners. Boards typically use policy resolutions to clarify vague provisions within the governing documents. A lot of times, the CC&Rs only give a limited amount of information — not enough to support or help the board make a decision. This is where a policy resolution can come in.

Policy resolutions can come in many forms, such as resolutions related to the appearance of homes in the community, how common facilities must be used, pet restrictions, and more. Another term used to describe policy resolutions is interpretive resolutions.

3. Special

This is the final type of HOA board resolution. Special resolutions are those that deal with an individual situation. Boards use this to add a rule that currently does not exist within the operating rules of the association or to apply to an individual circumstance. For instance, a board might adopt a special resolution related to a decision concerning a violation.

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